If an item you want to frame is precious to you, one-of-a-kind, an original work of art or a limited edition, it should be framed with precision, carefully encased in 100% acid-free materials with preservation in mind. The right custom frame can create the perfect look for your art, collectibles or memorabilia and help your precious items remain in the spotlight for years to come.

Protecting Your Artwork.

Chief amongst the reasons for professional framing is proper protection. Ordinary pulp-based mat boards contain acids and lignins which, over time, can damage the art they come in contact with. By-The-Sea Picture Framing proudly uses 100% acid and lignin-free mats and mounting boards that contain no impurities which can damage the art they encase.

A mat is more than a pretty color.

Using a high quality, carefully selected mat brings out the colors in an image and serves to draw in the eye. There are numerous creative and elegant techniques that can add distinction to your framed piece. What effect do you desire for your finished piece? Would you prefer a subdued look? Classic? Elegant or vibrant? A visit to By-The-Sea Picture Framing will provide you with exciting options and a relaxing, personal in-shop consultation.

Choosing the frame.

The correct frame will add to the finished presentation instead of being a distraction from the art. Good design based on tried-and-true principles is one of many reasons to visit us for your in-shop consultation today. And when it comes to unique ideas, the sky's the limit. At By-The-Sea Picture Framing, what you imagine, we create...

The little extras.

Consider the final position for your beautifully custom framed piece. If your environment is well lit and you'd like to reduce reflections, Conservation Reflection Control glass can be a huge plus. If a piece is going to subjected to large amounts of sunlight, custom-cut Conservation Clear glass with UV protection is available. And for your finest items, Museum Glass, with near perfect clarity is available. 
Once framed, cleaned and ready to hang, we apply hand tied wire of the appropriate weight and seal the rear with high quality Kraft paper. We've got your back, and we'll always supply the right size picture hook for your project! Contact By-The-Sea Picture Framing for more information.